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Best strategies on social networks

Without social networks, this is really difficult nowadays. More than 3 billion people already use social networks worldwide. If you want to sell and build your own brand at this time, you won’t avoid creating content regularly for these media.

We bring you several quick tips today, thanks to which you will definitely get your customers on social networks.

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Everyone loves fun posts

Everyone likes to have fun and everyone likes to laugh. Just don’t be boring. For the inspiration, there are some examples of posts, that could entertain your customers:

  • Memes
  • Jokes
  • Viral videos
  • Memories / Nostalgia posts
  • Comics

Online store ASOS is champion in creating funny and up to date social media posts, that even get the attention of people, that are not interested in buying clothes online. 

ASOS is a brand that knows how to respond to the current  mood and hot topics of the nation. From laughing about retro trends to making light of lockdown fashion problems, they know how to have a good laugh. ASOS tries to make witty jokes, often connected to celebrities or their behavior. 

Asos social media
Asos social media

Be inspiring

Inspire your audience, capture their attention and the time spent creating posts will pay up for itself very soon. Use some of these tips in your communication, and it will definitely will not be a miss:

  •  Interesting facts
  •  Quotes
  •  Inspirational pictures
  •  Successes of you and your clients
  •  Personal inspirational stories

Educate your future customers

Pass on your knowledge, experience and advice. Educate your audience and turn them into your customers. Thanks to your knowledge, you can build a position of authority and expert, which will definitely help you persuade the customer in the starting phase. 

To begin with, try creating some of the following posts for your audience:

  • Tips and Tricks
  • Case studies 
  • Industry surveys
  • Live video training / seminar
  • Answers to FAQs 
  • Free resources

Education along with fun element, uses in its social media company Whole Foods. They are trying to promote their healthy organic food while sharing delicious recipes along with stunning photos of ingredients on their social media accounts. 

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Remember interactions

Try to create interactions with your audience. Get them involved in the conversation, ask for their opinions, or do not be afraid to ask for help. Communication should not be just one-way. The following content will help you achieve very much wanted interactions:

  • Add -on
  • Questions to the audience
  • Voting
  • Ask for advice / opinions
  • “Write down comment under the photo …”

Connecting the brand with the audience

Build relationships with potential customers, don’t act as a  brand that only tells them something through social networks. Show your “face” and get closer to your audience. The brand is not just a logo, but people, processes, stories or various funny situations. You can also try:

  • “Behind the scenes” videos
  • Product reviews
  • Content from your daily life
  • Introduce your employees

We hope that this tips will help you create successful content on your social networks, and build a quality and relevant audience that will support you even in difficult times. You will see that investing in building relationships with customers will definitely pay off. Social media marketing services are still very effective way to reaching your target audience and improving your brand awareness.

If you need help with overall marketing strategy or managing social networks of your company –  email us or book FREE discovery call! We’ll be happy to help your brand and company grow.

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