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Startup consulting

Accelerate growth without hiring the whole marketing department. Leverage our vast startup experience to maximize your resources with a dedicated consultant.

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Business Strategy

Develop a winning business strategy that aligns with your vision and goals. Our consultants will work closely with you to analyze market trends, identify opportunities, and create a roadmap for sustainable growth.

Marketing and Branding

Build a strong brand presence and attract your target audience. Our marketing consultants craft customized strategies, leveraging digital marketing, content creation, and social media tactics to amplify your reach and drive customer acquisition.

Market Research

Gain valuable insights into your target market, customer behavior, and competitive landscape. Our in-depth market research enables you to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Why startups need consulting

1 %

Startups that receive professional consulting services experience a staggering 300% faster growth rate

1 %

78% of successful startups attribute their growth and success to consulting services.

1 %

68% of startups witnessed significant improvements in their finances after engaging consulting services.

1 %

9 out of 10 startups fail due to a lack of strategic planning and execution.

michal hajtas
Michal Hajtas

We had the pleasure of having Michal employed for a year. With us, Michal worked very professional and by far exceeded our expectations. Michal’s knowledge within SEO and website optimization, was part of our website traffic tripling its value over the course of a year. We’d definitely recommend Michal going forward and any new employer would be lucky to have him

Peter Falkesgaard Ørts

Co-founder, AutoPi

peter falkesgaard ørts

Working with Michal Hajtas was a game-changer. His tactics meaningfully improved our conversion rates and drove $30K+ in revenue. His approach is tailored, impactful and results-driven. In my experience, Michal is not just a marketer; he’s a revenue multiplier. Highly recommended.

Dimitry Apollonsky

Founder, Soar and Signals

Start growing your startup & set yourself for success

Get in touch to get to know us and get started quickly. Every day is critical when you are an early stage startup, so don’t miss out on opportunities and leverage our consulting expertise.

Benefits of startup consulting

Operational efficiency

Consultants identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within a firm’s operations and recommend strategies to improve processes, increase productivity, and reduce costs. They provide insights on technology adoption, automation, and workflow optimization.

Problem solving

Consultants offer fresh perspectives and problem-solving expertise to address specific challenges faced by startups. They help identify and overcome obstacles, enabling firms to make strategic decisions and stay on track for success.

Scalability & growth

Consultants provide guidance on scaling operations, expanding into new markets, and adapting to changing business environments. They assist in developing growth strategies, assessing risks, and seizing opportunities for expansion.

Access to networks & resources

Consultants often have extensive networks and can connect firms with valuable industry contacts, potential partners, and resources. This opens up new opportunities for collaboration, business development, and accessing specialized expertise.

Before & after hiring a startup consultant



Before hiring a startup consultant, running a company can feel like trying to find your way in a maze without a map. It's tough to figure out the best moves, and mistakes can cost big time. You might miss golden opportunities, get tangled in operations, and see your growth hit a brick wall. Marketing feels like shouting into the void – no one seems to be listening. And let's not even talk about the money stuff; it's like managing a cash flow rollercoaster.

But hey, once that startup consultant steps in, it's like finding a secret weapon! They bring wisdom, custom-made strategies, and superhero-like problem-solving skills. Suddenly, you're making the right calls, hitting the sweet spots, and attracting customers like never before. It's a game-changer that unleashes your full potential, setting you on a rocket-fueled path to sustainable growth and success.


Most frequent questions and answers

A startup consultant is a seasoned expert who offers specialized guidance and support to startups. They assess your business’s unique challenges, create tailored strategies for growth, provide market insights, financial planning, and offer expert problem-solving to help your venture thrive.

Startup consulting brings a wealth of benefits to your business. It accelerates your growth by providing valuable market research, identifying growth opportunities, and optimizing your financial performance. With expert advice and strategic planning, you’ll overcome obstacles and gain a competitive edge.

No, startup consulting is valuable for businesses across various industries. Whether you’re in tech, retail, finance, or any other sector, a startup consultant’s expertise is adaptable to suit your specific needs and industry dynamics.

Absolutely! While startup consulting is ideal for new ventures, it’s also beneficial for established businesses looking to revitalize their growth or tackle new challenges. Consultants bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies that benefit companies at any stage.

The duration of consulting engagements varies based on your business’s complexity and needs. Some projects may span a few weeks, focusing on specific areas, while others might be ongoing partnerships to support your long-term success.

The cost of startup consulting can differ based on the scope of services and the consultant’s experience. Our team works to provide competitive rates and tangible results to make consulting a valuable proposition for your business. Get in touch with us to learn more about pricing.