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Best tips for social media quality content

Creation of content is important part of marketing strategies. In our modern times, almost every company is engaging in content marketing on some level.

On the other side, only few of them are able to create contagious content, that will attract new users and increase users share. Without higher level of engagement, shared content can only insufficiently fulfill its prime purpose.

Therefore, new tactiques, such posts including human face, tagging or publishing regularly might be the winning strategy

social media best tips

Table of Contents

1. Show your face

Surveys show that posts featuring faces have up to 38% more likes than posts where there is no face. People also like a personal approach from companies, not just individuals. But you don’t have to take a selfie now and hang it on the company profile. You can ask satisfied customers to take a photo with the product and allow you to share it on your company profile.

This way of reviewing seems more credible and attractive to other potential customers . In order for customers who are satisfied with your product to have the motivation to create photos, offer them a benefit, e.g. in the form of a discount on the next purchase. This will give you not only new followers, but also a completely different level of trust in your company, product or service. It is the way how to via modern storytelling show the  customer your company. 

2. Communicate with your followers

You want to build a follower base on a social network, so you need to socialize. Creating visually appealing and engaging content is a matter of course, but it’s not enough. Interact with people, reply to comments and private messages, join discussions . Do not leave comments without feedback.

If users see that you are responding, they are likely to respond back. However, if you leave their reactions unanswered, they lose interest and it is quite possible that you will lose potential followers in this way. Sometimes a reaction in the form of an emoticon or like is enough and the it fulfils its purpose.

3. People love stories

Tell your story on social media. How your company was founded, who is behind it, what is the story behind your products. If you do not have a good story, educate, bring interesting information about products or services, inform users about what is useful for them. Describe how the photo you post was created, create a series of interesting posts that the audience will look forward to, etc. 

4. Don’t do it like your competition

That doesn’t mean the competition is doing it badly. But you need to differentiate yourself in the flood of dozens of posts that the user rolls over every day. Do a regular survey of what the competition is doing and how it is doing, and find your own way. It probably won’t work right away, but try what works until you find the right direction for your business. 

5. Tag

Mark everyone and everything on posts. Tags today are so powerful that their use online should be a matter of course. Here too, however, it is important to use the correct tags. While hashtags are more detrimental because they reduce reach on Facebook and have no other meaning than a filter, tagging sites, people, or brands can be good for your business.

Geotags – thanks to your geological location, you can get closer to potential followers. The placemark may not span the entire photo or video. Geotags can be adjusted to small dimensions so they will not interfere with the post. However, they will fulfill their purpose in any size. 

Tag other people and other profiles – if you work with influencers or other companies and profiles, tag them on your posts. This will create a link between multiple profiles that will reach a wider audience. You can share posts and profiles with each other and reach new potential followers. 

6. Publish regularly

You can only keep people’s attention on your profile by constantly creating new content on a regular basis. Where to find a balance between annoyance and regular attention? 

You certainly don’t have to post every two hours, but it would be ideal to remind users at least once a day or once every two days. In order to maintain profile quality and interesting content, it’s important to plan. 

Prepare a few posts in advance, you’ll have time to prepare more, and you can better plan your postings based on how your audience responds. It will take some time to keep track of what users respond best to and when, but then you can make the most of adding posts.  

7. Maintain consistent content and style

Once you start doing something and build an awareness of your brand and follower base, don’t change it. That doesn’t mean you can’t evolve and improve, just keep your style and theme . 

Followers have come to your profile because they are interested in what you do, what you sell. If you suddenly change the theme of your business or add a completely different type of assortment to your offer, don’t mix it. 

Create a completely different profile for it. Keep your topic up to date and stick to it. You will not unnecessarily break the audience’s attention and you will not lose your current customers.

8. Good name and bio     

If someone clicks on your company or brand profile, in addition to interesting content, they will definitely look at the name and description of your profile. Here, the potential follower should find out who you are, what you offer and whether it will be useful for him to follow you. 

Take care not only of an interesting name or name that differentiates you from the competition, but also of the description of the profile, where you will present yourself concisely and attractively. Be sure to include the url to guide the user to where you want to go. 

9. Use the 80/20 rule

Minimize the promotion of your products or services to a minimum. Don’t overwhelm content for fans by communicating to them only what they should buy. Lighten the content and focus on what the audience is more interested in. 

Bring them interesting information, create funny posts or videos that they will be happy to interact with and share with themselves. Follow the rules, which say that 80% of the content should be informative and entertaining and only 20% promotional. 

10. Live stream videos

Did you know that live stream videos bring more interactions than regular videos? According to Facebook, up to 6 times more . If you’re serious about growing your followers, start enjoying live video streaming. 

People want to see what’s going on right now, they want to interact with the broadcast content, comment and ask questions. And you can expect more likes and subscribers based on that.

Success of social media depends on success of posted content. Contrary to this saying, to produce the most effective, high performing content, might be challenge for small or starting businesses.

It is time consuming process, so to increase its efficiency, it is the best to use the best approaches and create catchy and engaging content.

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