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How to attract new social media followers via campaigns

Many people are dealing with challenge of gaining new followers on social networks, especially on Facebook. Most often, they try to reach for paid campaigns and want to run campaigns to gain followers.

Good advice in a nutshell is  – don’t do it. This is the short piece of advice, and the longer explanation with the proposal of specific steps on how to get more followers we will be provided in this article.

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Good old classic - Engagement campaign for new followers

In principle, Facebook offers the possibility of promotion to gain new fans on the fanpage. So it has a special format in the advertising system, which offers a simple button in the ad to become the new audience of your site to the target audience. 

The problem is that it usually doesn’t work. This is because advertisers are trying to target new audiences, that is, people they choose from Facebook interests or other targeting of their choice on the Display Network. 

The result of such campaigns is that new fans are increasing, but in very small numbers and at a relatively high price. At the same time, the relevance and  the value of the fan in the so-called The “cold” audience is relatively low.

How to effectively use engagement campaigns

In order not to completely deny it, there are ways to go about it more efficiently , although it is still true that it may not be the most advantageous. And do it in such a way that you target your campaign to your own audience. 

That is, to audiences that have already interacted with your content in some way (a page on the web, fb fanpage, Instagram…) and are not yet fans.

Custom audiences are different audiences that are already in a certain state of interacting with your content. This can be either visitors or people who have added something to the cart, searched for something on your website or those who have already bought it. 

What you may not have known may be people who have interacted with your Fanpage, but are still not fans. You can also create audiences from these and reach out to them to become fans. 

So which audiences can you create?

  • All visitors
  • Everyone who searched the web
  • Everyone who added something to the cart
  • Everyone they bought
  • Everyone who interacted with your fanpage
  • Everyone who watched your video in the ad
  • Everyone who responded to the event
  • Your list of customer email addresses (which you can upload to FB)
  • Any other audience based on interaction on the web or your ad 

Expense free methods to gain followers

Despite what the advertising system on Facebook offers us, there are other more effective and especially cheaper ways to get relevant fans and how to gradually build a quality fan base. Some of these methods are faster and some are slower, and basically the faster you get followers, the lower the quality .

Competitions on Facebook

Good old classic, but well – it still works. If you have a very broad assortment and a wide audience is your goal, then this could be the way for you – at least for the introduction, to get some base of followers, on which you will build another, already better audience.

The competition can ultimately be built by forcing the contestants to interact with the content in some way or to do something to narrow the audience more relevant. 

Interesting content + invitation to the site

This is otherwise something that many people do not do, because it is a relatively time-consuming thing and one has to take good care of one’s fanpage. So the main thing is that you will publish quality and relevant content on your fanpage. 

You can also promote this content to your target audience and audience that you “like” to invite to the fanpage. You can find the list of users who liked the post by clicking on the number of responses below the post. A table of names will appear, and you can send an invitation to any user who is not yet following your fanpage. 

Invitations that are sent, as soon as possible after the “like” post (preferably within 20 minutes) are most successful, so it is recommended to monitor responses regularly and respond promptly. Browser extensions are also available for this purpose, which will do this for you.

Widgets on the web or newsletters

Many websites still underestimate the connection to Facebook. At the same time, at least the icon on the social network would be quite suitable on the web. Linking the site to a Facebook page will make it easier for your visitors, who are loyal to you and want to receive notifications from you, to make it easier for them to follow you. 

Also, don’t forget to link to other distribution channels – if you’re sending a newsletter, place a link to your fanpage in the footer.

Quality content + its promotion by quality autoboosts

This will be some wise advice. Sure, it sounds like a cliché, but you won’t move without quality content. You need a well-crafted content plan with quality content. If you publish quality content on a regular and high-quality basis, fans are guaranteed to increase your fanpage on your own, even without some overpriced campaigns. 

But you can also do it with cheap promotion through quality content + quality autoboost. This is a method of using the Boosterberg app , which evaluates the quality of the post on your fanpage and then boosts it to the target audience. This works best from our experience.

Check out social media engagement company to promote your socials. 

There are many ways how to set up a campaign to gain new followers. It is up to every company owner or marketing department in the company, to take into an account all options and circumstances, and choose the most suitable way. 

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