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Welcome to our knowledge bank. We blog about interesting and insightful topics within marketing, design and business. Our goal is to share our knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals. 

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tips to make your brand stand out

Tips to Make Your Brand Stand Out

New businesses keep entering the market every day. However, not every business is able to make their brand stand out and climb the ladder of success, as they aren’t aware…
sales revenue

How To Boost Up Sales Revenue?

For good reason, sales revenue is the first number shown on an income statement. It serves as the foundation for business-critical computations and reporting such as earnings per share and…
landing page optimization 1

Landing Page Optimization Services

It is a must to build highly effective landing pages for certain online needs and various marketing activities. It is because landing pages can offer you significant control over what…

Content Marketing as a Startup Business Plan

Startups very often forget about one of the key phases, and that is education , resp. explaining to the customer why the given product solves their problems and questions better.  As part of…

Best strategies on social networks

Without social networks, this is really difficult nowadays. More than 3 billion people already use social networks worldwide. If you want to sell and build your own brand at this…

Best tips for social media quality content

Creation of content is important part of marketing strategies. In our modern times, almost every company is engaging in content marketing on some level. On the other side, only few…

How to Boost Your Website with SEO and PPC

Are you wondering how your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns might work together to increase your leads, boost your revenue, or attract additional visitors? There’s a…
chatbot-part-of todays- marketing

Chatbots – Pros and Cons of their Using

What are chatbots? Software applications that use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to acknowledge the wants of a human and guide them to their desired outcome with as little…

Personalized Marketing – What Approach To Use

What is Personalized Marketing? Personalized marketing is the way, how to use strategy, via which companies try to forward and deliver unique individual content to their receiving customers. They are…

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