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Instagram algorithm – How does it really work?

The Instagram algorithm is constantly evolving.This ensures that online users regularly view ads that help feed its increasing revenue.

Simply put, any account or user that helps the algorithm gain more time for users will benefit the most. It can be from compelling content, carousel posts or even IGTV.

Methodically, it will do everything that interests your followers and cause a higher degree of interaction with likes, comments, shares, and storage. But, what exactly should you do differently, to get Instagram’s attention?

Instagram algorithm

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Instagram reels are the new normal

Instagram reels were released at the time of the biggest pandemic and swiftly gained popularity. These 30-second tiny videos now include more creativity and content than anything else on Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm basically works by studying users’ interests based on their likes, engaging content, and interactions between other users. It monitors the amount of time spent on the application and develops each user’s virtual profile to exactly suit their needs and interests.

Reels can be anything from challenges, home masters to dance excerpts, food / travel videos, etc. It completely depends on your niche. If your reels are quite successful and gain a lot of coverage, you have a better chance of appearing on the review page.

Coverage would mean likes, saves, shares, comments, etc. This will do the job of finding more like-minded people and create a huge base of followers. Do reels every day or at least every 2-3 days to ensure that your followers work with you regularly. 

Compelling stories

As we all know, stories are the goal of anyone who can share everyday things with other users online. Instagram stories are a great way to communicate with your audience because the algorithm actively monitors your comments and dm (direct messages). 

In addition, stories are a great alternative to posts and show a higher percentage of user involvement. 

Ads usually appear when switching between different stories. In addition to occupying users, it also creates an active personality for your site online. This will help in greater reach and stably turn your audience.

Key findings include publishing stories, ideally every day. It doesn’t have to be creative. Being stable sells, along with creativity, so be you and post what is on your mind.  You can use various Instagram apps to make the most compelling stories, that you will find here. 

Interactive IG

Have you noticed that as soon as you start communicating with a specific user online, you will immediately see more of this site / person everywhere? This is how it works. 

When you connect through stories, or through reactions or responses, the algorithm tracks your interaction and creates a circle of pseudo-friends who are supposed to be your close friends.

Therefore, whoever you connect with the most will automatically have priority. Their content (whether stories, or posts) is always displayed first when you open the application. That’s a great opportunity to increase the brand awareness of your business.

Now we want our followers to interact with us in at least some way so that our content appears first on their feed. There is only one way to do this. Respond back to those spiritual DMs, comments on your posts, on reels and IGTV, people. It is a long task, but it is of great value. 

Also, don’t forget to reply / comment on other users’ sites. As soon as you start doing this mechanical process, the algorithm will create close circles for your followers and for yourself. This basically paves the way for more user interaction with your site.

profile engagement on instagram

Create your place

The key breakthrough for small content creators or small businesses was that everyone had a specially selected position. At the end of 2020, there was a huge boom on Instagram, in the category of online retail and e-commerce.

The number of small businesses has grown to an extraordinary level with the addition of new features such as local business pages on Instagram, shopping, etc.

It is a very competitive competition. It is likely that there is already someone online selling the same product / service as you. So in times like these, when everyone is trying to assert themselves, it is of the utmost importance to create your place.

It can be cultural, ethnic or vintage. Focus on that part of your product / service and advertise it to the maximum. Today, consumers are looking for products that are unique or long forgotten. We can simply refer to the current situation, where vintage fashions are returning quickly in fashion, together with corsets and baguette bags as such. 

Obviously, the Instagram algorithm favors everyone who uses their latest features. So make plenty of reels, posts and stories. Occasionally offer small discounts to attract new users, and you’ll no doubt be able to beat this algorithm.

Subtitles of micro blogs

When we talk about Instagram influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is their active side. Have you noticed that most of the travel, eating and lifestyle influences you follow have very long captions under posts?

This is called micro-blogging. It is a form of communication that ensures that users spend more time on their content, which indirectly leads to longer time in the application. So brush up on these writing skills and start investing more time in microblogging. 

Create long, comparable headlines for alternate posts that get to your site. It can be a simple morning routine or a collaborative process behind your captured image. You can even share your thoughts on some non-political topics and ask your followers to take it.

This is a great strategy for your content marketing efforts. 

Carousels and IGTV

Another feature that made Instagram more user-friendly was the inclusion of carousel posts. If you do not know what carousel posts are, then it is technically a set of a maximum of 10 photos that the algorithm allows you to upload to one post.

This is another trick that keeps more and more people staying in the app. Thanks to catchy headlines and carousel posts, you can achieve a higher level of user engagement on your site.

Timing is everything

Despite all the key points mentioned, small and large creators on Instagram are struggling with reach and followers. The reason is 3 facts: timing, consistency and frequency. 

Instagram users are reportedly more active at specific hours of the day. If you post at a time other than peak hours, your content will be lost in a sea of ​​other posts and will never reach the impact you targeted.

So, find out when most of your followers achieve peak online timing and post exactly at these hours. Even if it’s a ragged post, it gets a certain limit of likes, views, shares, and comments. 

All of mentioned above is contributing to successful Instagram account of companies. Last but not least, it is important to stay consistent, because that is the key to any area of ​​life. If you don’t post daily, or at least regularly,  you’ll lose all your hard work.

It is obvious that you need to grow your community on Instagram. Start with getting an Instagram audit service from us and we will suggest what to improve to get better outcomes from your Instagram strategies. 

Are you struggling with your Instagram strategy? We will help you with it. Let us know your goals and we will prepare a strategy, tailored for your company and audience, to get you those results. Contact us here

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