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Influencer marketing – is that right choice for your company?

Have you ever wondered how influencers can help you in your business? Who can we actually consider an influencer, what prices do they ask for and for what type of business are they the most suitable?

We have prepared an overview of influencer marketing for you with instructions on how to get the most out of it.

influencer marketing - right choice for your company

Table of Contents

What is influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that is used by individuals who have built trust with a large number of people to promote your business. These so-called influencers will mention your product or service via social networks, or they will explicitly recommend it. 

It is precisely because of their impact on people and their high level of confidence in their opinions that they are in all likelihood that their fans / followers / followers will become your potential customers.

Influencers - who are they?

An influencer is therefore someone, who has a more significant influence on people. Who can already be considered an influencer? It’s not just celebrities we know from television or the music industry. Each influencer (suitable for your company) should meet the following criteria:

  • has an impact on people
  • is trustworthy
  • can present products and services of your company

Mostly through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or others, influencer can reach a large number of people who trust him/her and share his/her views.

It may not even have a huge impact on people, especially if it is specified on a narrower topic. In that case, it may be even more suitable for you than a familiar face with a million reach.

This type of influencer is called a microinfluencer. His/her account usually has less than 10,000 followers, but he/she specializes closely in some specific activity. A good example can be, for example, make-up artists, who not only inspire with their make-up, but also help with the right choice of products in their videos or articles.

In contrast, the macroinfluencer has a much greater range. These are mostly celebrities or familiar faces who have a really wide base of followers. They are not narrowly specified, but they can promote products or services on various topics.

Art of choosing the right influencer

One of the first criteria to focus on when choosing the right influencer is the target group. Your target audience should match its audience as closely as possible. The closer they are to each other, the more successful you can be.

Another thing you need to solve is the budget. You can opt for a cheaper microinfluencer with fewer followers, or for a familiar face with thousands of followers. When making a decision, always observe its credibility, results to date, communication style or ability to reach potential customers. In some cases, the microinfluencer may pay you more than the macroinfluencer, and vice versa.

choosing the right influencer

Choosing the right platform

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the most used social networks. When choosing a suitable platform, it is always good to find out how the selected influencer is doing on it and, in particular, whether your target group agrees with its audience as much as possible.

Most influencers run on multiple platforms at once , so when you collaborate, you can reach a larger audience again. Facebook may have a slightly different fan base than, for example, Instagram.

Promotion in the form of influencer marketing

If you want to promote your products, the easiest way is to provide some samples to a selected influencer, which will incorporate them in some form into his content, whether into a video, blog, or status on social networks.

You can agree with influencer on what form of promotion you prefer , and you can also leave it all to him/her. It depends on his/her experience in the field and story that should be told.

In the same way, influencer can promote your services. His/her personal experience and subsequent dissemination of impressions in the form of videos or photos can be truly groundbreaking for the sale of your service.

We can also mention the so-called affiliate marketing , when influencer receives a special code under which its followers can apply a discount on your products or services. The advantage of this form of promotion is, for example, that you can very easily find out how many orders influencer has brought you. You will find out its suitability for possible further cooperation.

Analysis and management of influencers

Choosing from a range of influencers may no longer be that difficult. So how do you even get to a list of influencers? When searching, you can use various agencies, but also tools that will provide you with information about their focus, activity, audience size and the like.

There are also tools for managing them, through which you can monitor your campaigns and communicate with influencers, or even their audiences.

Choosing the right type of influencer

Blogger – The influencer does not have to be the one who shoots the videos or posts beautiful photos. Many people still enjoy reading blogs on various topics. If you find someone who knows your area, writes articles about it for a long time or generates various statistics, and in addition has its customers, this can be another interesting way to promote your brand.

Ambassador – Many large brands, such as Oriflame, are promoted in the form of so-called ambassadors. From his loyal customers, he chooses those who have a greater impact on their surroundings and simply give them their products for free or at a great discount. They then promote these products slowly wherever they move. After all, what is better than being the face of a well-known brand? Even if only for a moment.

Baby influencer – More and more often, you can also meet child influencers, whose accounts are created by their parents and then guide them in creating content for them. There are also cases where mothers at the maternity leave deal with everything about maternity in their account. In that case, they can be watched by thousands of other mothers, who often wait for what the influencer mother would advise them

Virtual influencer – Surely you have already registered Bejby Blue, the first Slovak virtual influencer from Tatra Banka. It is a novelty in Slovakia, but abroad it is not at all exceptional. Many virtual influencers even have such a refined strategy and sophisticated design that many people have long considered them real people.

Animal influencer – The promotion of products and services with the help of animals will no longer be a surprise for you. The advantage of animal influencers is that they can address not only children’s clients, but also adults. At the same time, their photos or videos often become more viral than in the case of common influencers.

The presentation of products and services in the form of influencer marketing is nowadays attractive and really effective for certain segments. At the same time, however, it is a relatively expensive form of marketing, which may not suit everyone. It’s all about finding the right cooperation that will suit both parties.

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