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Tips for Local Marketing – Google My Business

Local marketing is a set of all tactics and actions with which you promote your stone operations, stores or branches. You encourage them to increase awareness of your brand, which results in more customers and more revenue. One of ways how to put it into practice, is start using Google My Business.

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Why it is necessary for every company with stone operations

People’s behavior has changed in recent years. Especially shopping. Whether we go to the cinema, to the shop, or to the museum, we always want to know in advance what awaits us there. We want to know which days they are open, what time they open and close, whether they have a morning break and if so, when. 

When we go somewhere, we are interested in how much time it takes us to travel to a given place, what time most people are there and a lot of other information. Many of us look at the menu of restaurants in advance, especially those who suffer from various food allergies or intolerances. 

Few people go anywhere just like that today, without finding out at least some basic information in advance. And it’s not different when shopping.

google my business

Promotion of stores

You can promote your stone businesses and stores in different ways. You can do this through your website, but also on social networks, in various catalogs, applications or via Google. We’ve already talked about online marketing as such, now we’re going to focus on one specific way to promote your stone traffic.

Google Maps

About half of Google searches are local. People often search for specific products and services in connection with the location, such as hairdresser in their local city or village.

You may also be surprised that people search for traffic information more often on Google Maps than directly on traffic pages . 

This makes Google Maps a great tool for reaching your potential customers online. In addition, various third parties, such as navigation applications or some catalogs, download information from Google Maps.  Most companies already have a profile there. How to create it and what mistakes to avoid?

Google My business

You can create your business profile on Google Maps through Google My Business or Google My Business. Thanks to it, you will provide your potential customers with information about the company and its location.

What can Google My Business help you with?

  • with the acquisition of new customers

  • informing your existing customers  -find a route to get to you, click on your site, call you with one click

  • with local SEO – with appearing in local search results

You can also post photos and offers on your company profile , giving people more reasons to choose you. And to top it off, your profile can show people not only when searching directly for your business, but also when searching for products or services in your location.

How to set up a company profile

Creating a profile on Google My Business doesn’t end there. There are a few more steps you can take to get the most out of this service:

  • profile name
  • company description
  • contact information
  • additional data

Profile name

The name of your company is, of course, important, but it is advisable to combine it with the subject of your business.

Company description

Use relevant keywords to create a description that fits your business . When creating texts, it’s best to have a keyword analysis.

Contact information

The more information you have in your company profile, the better. Fill in phone numbers, email addresses and websites, if you have any. The link itself can help you in terms of search engine optimization like Google.

Don’t forget the opening hours, even the special ones, during the holidays. You should always keep this information up to date, so if it changes, it should be updated as soon as possible.

Additional data

You can provide further information about your operations, brick-and-mortar stores, warehouses or the company’s headquarters by filling in the so-called attributes. You can fill in there, for example, whether you have barrier-free access or, for example, whether you have a wifi connection.

When you finish creating your profile, Google will first verify that the business with the same name no longer exists at that address. After verifying the profile, customers will be able to rate and post reviews, ask questions or even add photos.

Local marketing pays off

Being seen always pays off, especially if you have a physical store, that many customers still don’t even know about. A really large number of people use Google Maps to navigate from point A to point B, but this application has also become a place that connects people with individual operations .


Customers are increasingly evaluating what they experienced, what they saw, how satisfied they were with the services or products. Review feedback today is something that can really help you. Because before the customer goes somewhere, they will find out what others think about the place and its offer. And you might not even believe how it can help you, or in the case of negative reviews, harm you.

That’s why it’s important that you have your company profile filled out professionally, that you communicate the level of communication and that your potential customers find answers to the questions that interest them in connection with you.

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