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Content Marketing as a Startup Business Plan

Startups very often forget about one of the key phases, and that is education , resp. explaining to the customer why the given product solves their problems and questions better

As part of its business strategy , every startup should have a communication plan , it means a plan of how to dominate the market with a new product.

However, this only happens in a very small number of cases.

You need to realize that people don’t know your product, they have no reason to trust it. 

And if you don’t start telling them why you came in at all, how you can help them in their lives, you’ll lose their trust in the beginning.

Creating useful content, that is, content that does not fool the customer how amazing the product is, but talks about how it will improve their life, is more important for a startup than anywhere else.

Startup is in a very different situation, compared to company with established history, and that is why it must focus on content marketing. 

If you are starting a startup or you are just starting to create a business plan, count on a part of communication with customers in it – content marketing should be a crucial part of them.

And how to incorporate content marketing into the business plan of a starting startup?

content marketing business plan

Content marketing - priority of business plan

Content marketing is based on the creation and dissemination of non-commercial content . 

You should keep this in mind when creating a strategy. While it’s very important to raise awareness of your brand in the beginning, it shouldn’t be the only thing. 

The first and fundamental mistake in content marketing would be if you tried to get your brand into your content, in a way that is already very far from non-commercial content. 

Then we are no longer talking about content marketing, but branded content, where your content is visibly signed by your brand or product.

Focus on what your product actually provides, not from a commercial perspective, but from a customer needs perspective. 

They are the ones who can pick up your startup, but also sink it completely. 

Don’t give them a chance to sink it before they know what their product or service can be useful for.

If you count on such content as part of your communication strategy, you have the opportunity to get much closer to your future customers.

content marketing

Meet your persona

These are the specific representatives of the target group that you are going to address. 

Persona , however, unlike the target group, has specific name, income, family background, your interests, problems and questions. 

Before you start creating content, define your persona. There are several ways to find out all the information about your person. 

The form of inquiry through a questionnaire can be the most effective.

It is not difficult to prepare and implement, but at the same time it will provide all the data you need.

Very often you will find that it will not be enough to create one profile, one person, but you need more. 

This is because some characteristics can have a significant difference in your characteristics, and you should identify exactly those characteristics.

And why should you know your persona? It is simple. Your articles will be watched and read by them.  Specific people, with specific problems and questions.

It is your findings, the knowledge of the specific person for whom you create your content, that should be clearly recognizable in everything you publish. 

Don't overwhelm potential customers with your content

It is very difficult to change the impression you make on your customers.

They will either like your startup or forget about it after a few seconds.

Very often you have only one opportunity to attract a potential customer.

Keep in mind that you never have to get another opportunity. 

Therefore, you should not underestimate any activity you direct to the customer, including the content you serve.

If you want to act on the market as a trustworthy brand with the ambition to become successful, you will never achieve this only with a quality product.

The product can be amazing in any way, but if you underestimate important factors, including communication with the customer – then it can be doomed to failure.

Be careful what content you publish on your site.

 If you can bore a person to death, there is something wrong with your content. 

As part of a content marketing strategy, create content that will not just take the form of articles. 

Try to be interested in other forms as well, differentiate yourself from the competition, which does not focus on creating content for its customers, or the content monotonous.

Don´t create your content only form articles

As a good content can be considered articles that are original and not boring.

Which are not just compilations of foreign literature. 

These are articles that have their original elements, they are clearly targeted to your persona. 

Ideally, they are written so that if someone reads your next article the next time, they will be able to associate it with your brand without seeing the author’s signature or your company logo next to it. 

This is a quality article that writes in the mind of the customer and makes a good impression.

Good idea is also not to forget the videos either

Although they are often more costly.But not necessarily.

There is currently no stronger communication tool than video and its power will only continue to grow.

Take the creation of your own videos to the next level. 

You have several options – series, educational videos, short shots, webinars, spontaneous videos.

But keep in mind that your videos can also become a viral video.

However, doing them solely for the purpose of virality would not be very effective.

Especially when it comes to startups, this strategy is relatively expensive and demanding.

eBooks have also been much discussed recently.

These have become a relatively standard part of many brands, portals and blogs.

Among the quantities, there are several very high quality pieces that are definitely worth reading.

The eBook is a very pleasant format for reading, the customer gets a lot of information in a short time and it doesn’t cost him anything, just putting the e-mail.

Since the competition between e-books is already quite high, if you opt for an eBook, focus on quality and what you want to convey to the customer. 

Creating an eBook just to get an email to a potential customer would not be the right strategy. Think about what you want to have in the eBook and what is your main value you are trying to provide. 

Do you need help promoting your eBook? Schedule a call with us and find out how we can help you. Overhorizon Media is a growth marketing agency providing tailored growth marketing services for startups of any size. 

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