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The most common mistakes of advertising campaigns on social networks

Majority of companies promote themselves through ads on social networks. We have written for you the most common mistakes in the management of advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram.

From Facebook page on personal account to incorrectly assigned site and account roles – these are to most common mistakes. 

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You manage your ad campaigns through the "Promote Post" feature

Do you use, or have you ever used, a simple Boost Post promotion without then modifying your campaign, ad group, and ad parameters in Business Manager? This mistake is most often made by those who start with Facebook or Instagram advertising and do not use Business Manager .

Business Manager is primarily a tool for managing your business and ads on the Facebook advertising network , organizing pages, user roles, links, advertising accounts and many other functions. To use it, you need to create your own account on the Business Manager page.

Why is Boost Post not so effective?

With Boost Post, Facebook automatically assigns placements to your ads, and the audience can’t be defined in detail . Your ad may also appear to people for whom your product or service is not intended and is not of interest to them.

 This greatly reduces the effectiveness of your ads, so your budget for buying space on the Display Network is often less efficient. In addition, a separate campaign will be created for each ad-supported post.

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Facebook page on personal account

Do you have a Business Manager, but you do not have Facebook and Instagram accounts linked to it and do you still manage them via your personal profile? In this case, you still lose a lot of functions and settings. 

To fix this, just log in to your Business Manager . In the navigation, select Company Settings, click the Add button in the page section, and enter the page name or ID. Subsequently, after verification, the selected page will be added to the pages in Business Manager, if you have admin access to it.

Incorrectly assigned site and account roles

Sometimes, there is a problem where the company only has the right to manage the site, but at the same time it is owned by someone else. You can find out who owns a page in Business Manager under its name in the page section. If you are already the owner, it is a good idea to assign the agency that manages your

Facebook page as a partner and your employees back to the People in Roles section. You can do both simply via the Add button. You have several roles to choose from, according to which the user will be able to access the page. 

Don’t forget about other components of the business account, such as the advertising account, Pixel and others, where it is also necessary to add partners or employees, ie the right roles.

Missing double authentication

To reduce the risk of sensitive information leaking, it’s best to use double authentication for important accounts in your business. There are various security risks associated with the payment methods you are exposed to if you do not have it set up.

 Remember that advertising costs are deducted from your credit card, and you certainly don’t want an unauthorized person to access it. You can set it in the security center.

facebook authentification

Poor targeting, ad account structure, and low budget

The minimum budget for a Facebook campaign is € 1 / day. This is the minimum, but it is far from optimal. If you have a budget that is too small, consider if advertising is the best option for you.

Smaller budgets are only more appropriate for narrow audiences , such as an abandoned cart or visitors to your website. Keep in mind that if you want Facebook to best optimize your campaign for conversions, it needs enough data (50+ conversions). These will generate enough information for better targeting.

So how do you invest in Facebook advertising campaigns? You need to consider your ambitions and options. If you want to sell say € 20,000 and your ROAS is around 400%, your investment should be around € 5,000 in advertising campaigns. If you don’t have this data, it’s better to create a test campaign. 

During the 3-month period, you’ll try different types of campaigns for your portfolio of services or products, set up retargeting, audiences, and test different creatives. From a test campaign, you’ll see the return on your campaign investment and see what works best for your business.

Running time-limited campaigns - for a few days or at specific times

Running a campaign for a few days is not the most effective solution. This is because Facebook cannot effectively optimize the delivery of your ad in such a short period of time. It needs at least 50 conversions. It is also not recommend limiting the specific time periods during which your ad will run.

It’s not always possible to predict when your potential customer will be on Facebook and see your ad, so it’s best to keep your campaigns active throughout the day and do your best to have a sufficient daily budget . Exceptions are campaigns for a specific service / product, for example if you are delivering lunch menu meals.

We understand, that the initial settings of campaigns is a bit more complicated than managing existing ones. If you’re having trouble – try to contact us, and we can help you set up your social media accounts, advertising account, payment method links, product catalog settings, or overall social media set up. 

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