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LinkedIn Communication – Proven Best Practices

LinkedIn is a professionally oriented social network, which is used mainly by people in marketing, business, IT, human resources, as well as in various other business areas. LinkedIn, as a network in our region, is still growing.

Evidence of the potential of this social network is the fact that more than 45% of users in higher positions (manager, director) regularly monitor posts on LinkedIne.

The business potential of the network lies mainly in the fact that it is a platform for B2B business relationships and content dissemination. 

In order to make LinkedIn profile more appealing, it is necessary to know how to communicate more effectively or use the full potential of it´s network. Here are some useful tips, how can company achieve such goals:

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LinkedIn communication

Character table

Characters or emoticons are used to  make profiles or posts more lively. They attract attention and evoke a certain emotion based on the contribution. Unicode is often used , which has several emoticons and characters on offer. It is a table that can certainly be inspired. Company can choose from more than 100 fonts and characters.

Boolean search

Boolean search is used to  search for people, companies or posts based on a specific search with the help of operators. It allows for better filtering and results in better results than company  expected.

It all works on the principle of the OR, AND, NOT operators: If there is AND between the words, then the filter will show the results with all the words that person have entered. If somebody enters OR, the results will include one or all of the specified dates. With the NOT operator, person will exclude the next word, which will ensure that, only wanted results are found. This eliminates unwanted search results.

Buffer and post scheduling

If company wants to plan posts on several social networks, a great tool that can do this is Buffer . In addition, company will have all the statistics in one place, which will also save them working time. Buffer is completely free for one user for 10 posts per month. If you are looking for an alternative, try looking at:

It’s a good idea to find 2-3 hours a day in the week to plan your posts 7 days in advance.

Video and live video content

Live video has a great organic reach, which ensures greater visibility of your campaign, product or idea.It records the current situation you are in. Company can express itself in real time and in a real place.

People can run live videos when they leave a business meeting, close something, or want to share the results with other people. The problem, however, is that people do not have Live Videos activated automatically and must ask LinkedIn for approval. 

Business assistance

Companies should encourage clients to share info about collaboration with the company. In fact, it will help both sides. If any of company´s  LinkedIn contacts are looking for something (or someone) and company can help them, it is very beneficial for both sides. Later, maybe someone else will help your company as well.

Respond to client statuses from the company as well as from the personal profile. The client will thus see a real person who is behind the work of the company. Also consider the possibility that someone will want a personal meeting to get to know you better (of course, when the pandemic ends).

LinkedIn is basically a social network, so company should behave socially. in reality its means join discussions, share posts, or start a new debate.

LinkedIn has huge potential to reach potential clients, business partners, gradually build a personal name or find a job. It is up to companies to size the full benefit, and use LinkedIn, so that it will help them to fulfil their goals.  

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