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A guide to more social selling on LinkedIn

It is possible that people might not be familiar with the term ‘Social Selling,’ but for centuries now, mankind has been harnessing the power of Social Selling to find opportunities and connect with people to facilitate selling.

Social selling implies that social media platforms are used, along with digital tools and processes, in order to find and connect with desired prospects. This activities are based on sales increase, and connections base expansion.

How does Social Selling Works?

Numerous social media platforms encourage and facilitate social selling and have proven to show promising results, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Social Selling is a simple phenomenon; all that is required is to create a network of like-minded people that will foster selling.

Connecting with people who are on-brand with your concept and building steady relationships will help your product/service be promoted without needing a proper agency or paying thousands and thousands of dollars to attract the target market.

The basic gist is to leverage the social network in reaching sales goals. And unlike other sales techniques, this has proven to have better sales lead generation, better prospecting sales process, and reduces the cold calling need. The only thing that needs to be catered to is connecting, interacting, maintaining, and delivering social selling to work as intended.

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How can LinkedIn harness the power of social selling?

It might be a shock for a few, but LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for selling. While Facebook, Instagram, and others are platforms where you can learn in-depth about the target market, which can be used for marketing. So without further ado, let’s dive into the tips to make social selling on LinkedIn effective.

Creating a professional brand identity

People have become very selective, and rightfully so as the frequency of scams is increasing. However, in order to stand out and show legitimacy, Brands not only need a Strong LinkedIn Profile with a proper display picture, an engaging headline, and all related information but need to be actively participating in the industry.

Therefore, having a digital presence is key. This helps to get more prospects to get connected, more chances of communication, and more selling opportunities.

Finding right prospects

Social selling on social platforms is a quicker and effective way to find and connect with prospects than the traditional way. And LinkedIn makes it easier than other platforms as they have tools that help with lead generation significantly. Following are some vital tools that should be used for a better outcome;

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn Pulse
  • Customers’ Connections
  • Lead Builder
Have a solid social presence

It is vital for the brand to be noticed and have visibility; it helps with selling and helps build a distinctive and reputable image. Following are some ways that can be utilized:

  • Engage with posts relevant to the industry.
  • Share valuable content fitting with the brand identity.
  • Join LinkedIn groups that serve your target audience.
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations
  • Stay up-to-date with prospect news.
  • Create a network by identifying new contacts
  • Use hashtags and occasionally topical advertising tactics.
Build solid relationships

It goes without saying that the benefit of having strong relationships with prospects can go beyond expectations and can result in favorable outcomes. Sharing, interacting, and most importantly, respecting different perspectives and catering conversation help reach the desired selling goal but helps to achieve more potential buyers. Therefore, always remover Prospect should be prioritized as they are the key to Sales.

All in all, it is important to seek beyond familiar, in this case, LinkedIn and no other social platforms. If LinkedIn is used the right way, the results will not only be on par with expectations, but it will be sustainable. So if you aim to grow and sell, remember to harness the power of Social Selling on LinkedIn through strategizing, optimizing, and connecting.

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