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Website Redesign Services | Overhorizon Media

If your website isn’t working properly or bringing in new visitors, it’s time for a complete redesign.

At Overhorizon Media, we have a team of highly qualified professionals that work strategically for small business website redesigns to ensure smooth performance and improved engagement.

We carefully consider every element of your website that can be improved to attract new customers.

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How Can You Benefit From Website Redesign Services at Overhorizon Media:

If you want to be found on Google and other search engines, it is necessary to have an SEO-friendly website.

Our small business website redesign services will update your website with SEO basics and the latest SEO trends to increase your organic ranking.

Significant Improvements:

Overhorizon Media always begins with an in-depth UI and UX audit, which allows us to identify your website’s weak spots.

Once we know what they are, we develop a unique structured strategy that includes redesign goals and outcomes such as:

  • Improved page load times to reduce visitor bounce.
  • Enhanced visitor engagement with easy navigation.
  • Responsive mobile layout to boost mobile traffic.
  • Consolidation of many websites into a single CMS to decrease administrative costs.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Website:

All of our professional website redesigns have a responsive design, which means that your site will look great on any device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

A responsive design ensures that you don’t have to worry about making a separate mobile website.

Distinctive Web Design:

The core of our website redesign services is a unique design tailored according to your company’s needs.

To develop a professional website that represents your brand and enhances your online presence, we consider your target audience, goals, and logo design.

Well-maintained SEO Equity:

We work together with project stakeholders to create an SEO migration plan that includes website crawling, inbound link preservation, and the generation of redirects for updated links to protect your website’s existing positions in search engine rankings.

Our plan also includes the following actions to improve your organic traffic:

  • Improving individual page ranks through on-page SEO.
  • A thorough SEO audit.
  • Resolving difficulties that are preventing your website’s rating from improving.

Compelling Copywriting:

We also offer website copywriting for small business website redesigns. Our in-house copywriting staff creates optimal content for your site that is aligned with your brand, corporate goals, web marketing approach, and freshly built website.

Effortless Content Migration:

Content migration can account for up to a quarter of the total cost of a website makeover. Overhorizon Media provides a thorough migration plan for each project to ensure your investment results in a hundred percent secure content relocation.

We can combine the automated and human migration approaches, allowing us to find and update all of your website’s legacy code instances.

Inclusion of Content Management System (CMS):

Your company presumably utilizes a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to create and share content with your visitors.

We help you get the most out of your blog’s look and functionality by providing CMS integration as a part of our redesigning services.

The Procedure of Our Website Redesign Services:

The steps you take to prepare and plan for a redesign are usually a clear indicator of how successful your redesign will be. Most website design or redesign projects follow these basic steps:

  • Review site architecture
  • Collect website assets
  • Create beta site
  • Conduct quality assurance testing
  • Launch the site

Why Should You Redesign Your Website With Overhorizon Media Right Now?

For small businesses, a website redesign is essential because the visitors form opinions about what they see and experience on a page in just 0.05 seconds.

Ninety-four percent of visitors establish an impression of your company in the next 5 seconds, which is tough to modify afterward. To put it another way, your chances of acquiring a customer are pretty restricted.

The excellent method for immediately conveying a compelling brand image and earning the trust of prospective clients is to use Overhorizon Media’s high-quality UI and UX design.

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