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9 best marketing attribution software of 2023

Marketing attribution software helps you measure the ROI of your marketing efforts.

The best marketing attribution software will provide deep insights into your campaigns and campaigns so that you can make data-driven business decisions about future marketing efforts.

Before jumping in, let’s take a look at what a marketing attribution software is. 

What is a marketing attribution software?

A marketing attribution software is used by businesses to determine how actions, events and touch points contribute to the overall success of their sales and marketing teams during sales processes. 

Marketing attribution softwares can help companies assign value to any factor that may have influenced the sales process and its stage. 

Attribution software lets marketers measure the performance of their marketing strategies across all channels.

Attribution software is a tool that helps marketers measure the performance of their marketing strategies across all channels.

It can be used to track the sources and channels that are responsible for conversions, as well as monitor ROI across a variety of sales channels.

It’s hard to measure the success of marketing without attribution software or analytics tools.

Attribution software is a necessity if you want to measure your marketing ROI.

You can’t tell if something is working unless you know what it did and why, which is where attribution comes in. It tracks the channels that led potential customers to make a purchase and gives an indication of how much each channel contributed to their decision-making process.

In addition, the right attribution software will tell you which channels are working and which aren’t, so that when it comes down to spending money on advertising or not, there won’t be any guesswork involved.

Attribution tracking is necessary to determine which of your marketing efforts have the greatest impact on conversions

  • You need to understand which of your marketing efforts are working, and which are not.

  • You need to know how well each channel is helping you achieve your goals.

  • When it comes to online marketing, attribution tracking can be quite complex.

Tracking the sources and channels

By tracking the sources and channels that are responsible for your conversions, you can put more money into the campaigns that are working well and less effort into campaigns that aren’t performing.

There are many different attribution models, but when it comes down to it, you only need to know about two of them:

  • First touch – This is where the customer first sees and interacts with your ad or product.

  • Last touch – When they actually make a purchase from your business.

When you’re running an advertising campaign, you can use tracking software to see how long it takes for customers who saw your ads (either online or offline) before visiting your website or making a purchase at one of your physical locations.

Once the user lands on a conversion page (i.e., makes contact with someone in sales), the software will mark that as the “first touch” point in their journey through the funnel.

If that person then goes back home without converting again within 24 hours, they won’t be counted again until they return and convert once more on another day–even if they have been exposed via retargeting ads during that time period which might have been served by various media channels including paid search engine marketing (PPC), social media advertising (SEA), affiliate marketing networks and so forth intermixed throughout those 24 hours!

5 best marketing attribution softwares

Attribution360 from Google Analytics

google analytics 360

Attribution360 from Google Analytics makes it easy for marketers to track ROI from social media and other online channels, so they can make smarter decisions about future marketing efforts.

Attribution360 from Google Analytics is a paid add-on that allows you to see ROI from social media and other online channels. It’s basically an analytics dashboard that enables you to compare the performance of each channel in real time, so you can make smarter decisions about future marketing efforts.

To use attribution 360, you’ll need a Google Analytics account (free). Once it’s installed on your site, all you have to do is connect it with whichever social channels are relevant for your business.

For example, if your company sells organic produce online via Instagram, all that remains is connecting Instagram with attribution 360 and then linking accounts together so they share data automatically.


Kochava delivers better insights and actionable data in one operational platform for marketers and publishers.

Their great advantage is mobile marketing. Kochava supports iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon, Cocos2d-x, Unity, Adobe AIR, and Cordova (Phonegap). 

It also offers advanced reports of audience insights.



Stat counter offers tracking your business key metrics and how they perform over time. It is crucial to monitor your key metrics and how efficient they are. That’s what Statcounter is great at! 

The platform will generate you an HTML snippet that you can use for your website to integrate well. It also integrates with many other major platforms like Wix, Shopify, WordPress, Twitter and many more. 

ruler analytics

Ruler Analytics makes juggling reports easy. It ties your campaigns to your revenue easily, giving you more time to optimize your campaigns instead of getting sucked in by the reports.

They are great at targeting high value leads. They basically can track all different types of visitors that usually get lost within the funnel and are not count in conversions. 

It integrates well with Salesforce, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Stripe and many more. 




Oktopost is probably the best B2B social engagement platform out there. You can measure the impact of each social media post you shared in details. 

It gives you the opportunity to attribute leads to a specific social media post of yours, channels, profiles and campaigns and assign a value to every activity. This will end up giving you an estimated ROI of your social media marketing. 

The software integrates well with Hubspot, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many more. 

Attribution software can be used to track your ROI across a variety of sales channels, including social media

Social media, and online marketing in general, is all about measuring the return on investment (ROI).

No matter how much traffic you drive to your website via Facebook or Instagram ads, if your conversion rate is low and the resulting sales don’t make up for the costs of advertising, then it’s not worth it.

Attribution software can help you to measure the performance of your marketing across all channels.

This way you know where your customers are coming from and what kind of ROI they’re generating.

Weigh different factors when deciding which attribution software is right for your business

When evaluating attribution software, it’s important to be aware of some key factors.

The best software is the one that fits your needs, and the one that has the features you need. Your budget will be a factor as well; if you want an enterprise-level product with all the bells and whistles, expect to pay more than if you’re using a lower-tier tool.

Finally, don’t forget about support: if something goes wrong with your account or billing, it’s important to know how quickly and easily you can get help from technical support staff.

Here are some things to consider when choosing which attribution program works best for your business:

  • Can I test drive their platform before buying? Many companies offer free trials so that customers can try out their products before committing themselves financially. This makes sense—it saves both parties time and money by allowing them each access without having commitment issues later on down the line when money gets tight!

  • Are there any limitations in terms of number of campaigns/funnels/triggers available? Some platforms may have limits based on pricing tiers (e..g., Starter vs Enterprise). Others might not allow certain functionality at all unless paid upgrades are purchased separately

The best attribution software will provide deep insights into your campaigns and campaigns and help you to make data-driven business decisions.

The best attribution software will provide deep insights into your campaigns and campaigns, and help you to make data-driven business decisions.

The software should be easy to use, affordable and able to track multiple marketing channels.

You may be wondering what is the best way to measure your marketing efforts. Well, if you have been reading this article, then I think now you know a little bit more about attribution software and how it can help businesses measure ROI on their advertising campaigns.

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