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CRO case study

How I helped a community marketing agency to increase their number of scheduled calls by 108% by a simple improvement.

cro case study

When I started working with Soar, the first thing I proposed to improve was the header navigation. Every website needs to have a main call-to-action (CAT) button within the header navigation and they were missing it. It was unclear what the visitors’ main action should be. 

soar old header
soar new header

My proposition was very simple, yet very efficient. We simply added a button around the already existing text, making it easily visible and reachable for visitors. 

We also added the CTA button within the header on mobile, making it visible at all times while browsing through the website. In the first month after the change, we achieved a 15% increase in the rate of people scheduling calls on mobile and 108% rate of people scheduling calls on desktop.

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference. 🙂

soar mobile header

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