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Brand awareness case study

How I helped online media startup by increasing their reach on FB by 3000%. 


One of the previous accomplishments and early projects was preparing a social media strategy for an online media startup.

As you can see on the picture to the right (below on mobile), the average reach for photo post was over 21 000 people and the average engagement was over 1 300.

average reach
increased reach by 1500%

Wait what?! As you might have already noticed, the numbers are totally different than the average ones. Do you know why?

Because I have simply prepared a strategy for the company’s audience and adapted it to their needs.

The post itself is extremely simple, but yet, has a very high value for the audience. It is also important to include an attractive or catchy headline to the post, as it will increase your chances quite hugely. 

It is important to create the right content for your audience, not just to create something and then expect it to work. If you are just at the very beginning, I will prepare a stable long term strategy for your potential clients. 

If you already have an existing SoMe profiles, I will then prepare a throughout analysis of your content and provide you with several ways to improve your SoMe presence, with results driven approach. For the same company, I also created a new visual identity of their social media accounts. 

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