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We will make your marketing efforts effortless and do all the hustle for you. 

What we do

We focus on helping startups with their marketing strategies, with customized solutions

Social Media

We will take care of and bring your social media game to a whole new level

Brand Identity

Having a clear brand identity is necessary nowadays and we will make sure people understand it

Website Optimization

We will make sure your website is SEO friendly and you are able to get ranked on Google

Business Development

We will analyze your company, provide you with relevant solutions and do the hustle for you

Graphic Design

We will support your social media platforms and/or website with attractive graphics

Product Photography

We can deliver professional product pictures for both the website and social media platforms


We will analyze, create and schedule social media posts for you. Additionally, we will make sure the strategy is the right fit for you or your company, in order to strengthen your brand.

Brand identity is a crucial aspect of every company. We will ensure that you have a clear brand identity and provide you with a suitable strategy to increase your brand awareness.

If you want to be found on Google and/or other search engines, it is necessary to have an SEO friendly website. We will update your website with SEO basics and latest SEO trends, in order to increase your organic ranking

It’s not important to have a content on the website, but to have the right content. We will analyze the content, suggest and update your website with the more appealing and explanatory aspects that will bring you leads. The same applies on your social media platforms. 

Do you need to update your website or social media platforms with professional, funny or explanatory visuals and illustrations? We will help you with that too. 

Are you a product oriented company? Then we can help you with the whole process, starting with product photoshoot, creating a social media strategy and applying the product photos to the visually appealing content that sells. We will basically cover three of your internal departments. 

We will research and analyse your Instagram profile and give you professional suggestions, to make your Instagram profile extraordinary. 

Marketing Consultancy

We will provide you with fresh and tailored ways to improve your marketing efforts.


Hour Based

You will tell us how many hours you can dedicate to us and we will provide you with strategies and goals, based on the number of those hours. 

Project Based

You will tell us what you want to achieve and we will do it for you. It will be based on the overall project, not hour based. 

Custom Based

Our favorite package. Everything will be based on our discussion, in order to find the best outcomes possible. 

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