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Canvas Prints – everything you need to know + tips on where to buy them

Hey buddy! So, you’ve taken the deep dive into the universe of home decor, and come up bubbling with the question: what in the name of Van Gogh’s missing ear is a canvas print? Let me enlighten you!

Well, in the simplest terms, a canvas print is that beautiful piece of magic hanging on your artsy friend’s wall that makes you go, “Whoa, Picasso! Slow down!” It’s just your ordinary, everyday image or photograph, which has been zapped onto canvas using printer wizardry and stretched, or gallery-wrapped, over a frame. Sort of like a 2D sculpture, or a posh poster with aspirations!

Where to buy canvas prints?

Now, where can you buy these fancy things? Well, darling, in the age of the Internet, the world is your oyster, or in this case, your canvas! There are a gazillion websites out there, each more eager than the last to sell you these fabric beauties.

You’ve got big names like Etsy, Amazon, or specialized stores like Hero Lab Studio. You could also give your local art shop a visit. Supporting small business – ain’t that the bee’s knees?

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Benefits of canvas prints

Let’s spill some tea about the benefits of these canvas prints. The number one reason people get these is to amp up their aesthetic game. Trust me, there’s no better way to go from drab to fab faster than slapping a canvas print on your wall.

Additionally, the texture of the canvas gives the print a certain je ne sais quoi, an artistic vibe that screams ‘I appreciate art, and I look good doing it’. Plus, these things are durable. Like, outlive your cactus level of durable.

Having a cool art on your wall can upgrade your interior and can easily become a topics for discussion when you have visitors over. 

What to do with canvas prints?

Now let’s dive into the sea of canvas usage. But you must be thinking, “Isn’t that obvious? I’ll just nail it to the wall!” Hold up, Picasso! There are more ways to use a canvas print than you can shake a paintbrush at.

They’re perfect for personalizing your workspace or sprucing up your living room. Feeling romantic? Get a canvas print of you and your partner’s first selfie together.

Got an old photo of grandpa looking like a movie star in his younger years? Bam! Instant vintage canvas print.

Type of canvas prints

Ready for the grand tour of different types of canvas prints? Let’s roll!

First, we have photo canvas prints. They’re basically your memories turned into art. Then, you’ve got the abstract prints for when you’re feeling all deep and mysterious. Pop art canvas prints are there for when you want your room to scream ‘Andy Warhol is my spirit animal’.

There are also multi-panel prints which make one picture look like it’s been shattered and then arranged artistically. Think of it as the home decor version of Kintsugi! And don’t forget those cute, quirky, typography canvas prints – because sometimes you need to hang the words ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ somewhere, right?


So there you have it, folks! Your crash course on canvas prints. Now, with this newfound knowledge, you’re ready to go forth and canvas the world (or at least your living room)!

And remember, in the wise words of Bob Ross, “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” That totally applies to choosing canvas prints. Happy decorating, my friend!