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Take advantage of the artificial intelligence and strengthen your marketing initiatives. Grow your business with a help of dedicated AI consultant!

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I have an expertise within 8+ AI tools that are changing the world of marketing. I will consult relevant strategies and tactics for your business to take advantage of, as well as help you set up necessary automations. I will focus on improving your content marketing, drive more organic traffic to your website and build a sustainably growing content marketing plan for your business.



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  • 8 hours of consultation
  • SOP doc for your team
  • Automations setup


Out of this world growth
  • 18 hours of consultation
  • SOP doc for your team
  • Automations setup
  • Training & support


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What is an AI consultant?

An AI consultant is a professional who helps businesses find ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and techniques to solve business problems or improve operations. AI consultants may help clients figure out what they need, look at their data and systems, come up with AI solutions, and set up and maintain applications that use AI. They may also give advice on how to best integrate AI into the overall strategy and operations of an organization.

AI consultants may have degrees in computer science, data science, software engineering, or business, among other things. They might be experts in AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, or computer vision, and they might also know a lot about a certain industry or domain. 

A modern era AI consultant has an expertise within current top AI tools and platforms and understands how these tools can benefit each company, as well as how to efficiently implement them into your operations. 


"We had the pleasure of having Michal employed for a year. With us, Michal worked very professional and by far exceeded our expectations. Michal's knowledge within SEO and website optimization, was part of our website traffic tripling its value over the course of a year. We'd definitely recommend Michal going forward and any new employer would be lucky to have him."
Co-Founder & CEO
"I have worked with Michal on creating a visual identity of our social media profiles. The communication process and the execution itself were absolutely amazing. He managed to bring some impressive results within a short period of time. I could not have been more satisfied with the results."
International manager
“I consider using Overhorizon services as a right step. I want to especially highlight Mr Michal professional approach, quick and effective responses towards solving my problems. I highly recommend! I’ll definitely use services he provides in the future.”


In general, you need a strong background in computer science, mathematics, and machine learning, as well as experience working with AI technologies, to become an AI consultant. It can also be helpful to know a lot about a certain domain or industry. This can make it easier to find ways to use AI to solve problems and make money.

AI consultants should have strong communication and problem-solving skills in addition to their technical skills and knowledge. They will often work with clients to understand their needs and problems and help them design and implement AI-based solutions.

Anyone who has the right skills and knowledge can become an AI consultant, but it might be harder for people who don’t know much about computer science or machine learning. But there are a lot of ways for people who want to learn more about AI and how to use it in business to do so. These include online courses, bootcamps, and degree programs in AI and related fields.

Depending on your goals and needs, AI content marketing consultants may be able to help your business in a number of ways. Here are some ways that an AI content marketing consultant could help your business:

Creating personalized content: An AI content marketing consultant can help you use AI to create personalized content for your audience, which can be more effective at engaging and converting potential customers.

Analyzing data and insights: AI can be used to analyze data and insights about your audience and your marketing efforts. This can help you better understand your customers and improve your marketing strategy. An AI content marketing consultant can help you make sense of this data and use it to guide your content marketing efforts.

Automating tasks: AI can be used to automate content marketing tasks like posting on social media and sending out emails. To save time and money, an AI content marketing consultant can help you set up and run these systems.

Ideas and content generation: Some AI tools can help come up with ideas for content and even write basic drafts, which can be helpful for content marketers who are short on time or struggling to come up with new ideas. A consultant in AI content marketing can help you figure out how to use and evaluate these tools.

Overall, whether or not an AI content marketing consultant can help your business will depend on your specific goals and needs, as well as your level of knowledge about AI and content marketing. If you have questions or concerns about whether an AI content marketing consultant could help your business, I would suggest talking to a consultant or another knowledgeable professional to get more information and advice.

Whether or not your company should use AI consulting services depends on a number of things, such as your business goals, the resources you have, and your level of knowledge about AI and related technologies. Some companies may find that working with an AI consultant is a good way to learn about the different ways AI can be used and to find ways to improve their business by using AI. Some companies may already have a strong AI team on staff and may not need consulting services from outside sources.

If you want to hire an AI consultant, it can be helpful to first look at your company’s needs and goals and decide if AI is likely to help you reach those goals. You might also want to think about your budget and the resources you have to invest in AI, as well as your internal knowledge and ability to put AI-based solutions into place.

In the end, you should decide if you want to work with an AI consultant based on your own needs and situation. If you have questions or concerns about whether AI consulting services could help your business, I would suggest talking to an AI consultant or another knowledgeable professional to get more information and advice.

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