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Here are several examples of what we have been working on in the past. 

However, we do not share all examples due to the privacy of our clients. 

We worked with...

We have worked with many things, primarily with SEO, Website Optimization and Content Optimization. However, we have lots of experience with branding, social media strategy, business development, product photography, SoMe audit and much more. See more in the portfolio below.

We are a small but experienced marketing agency, capable of offering the right solutions for you and your business. Check out our portfolio and reach out to us if you need a help with your marketing strategies. The company names and logos have been removed and substituted with our logo and/or company name, due to the privacy of our clients.

120 000+ words written

We have deliver over 50 professional articles

500+ SoMe posts created

We worked on creating more than 500 social media posts.

50+ happy faces

More than 50+ people happy with our services.

Online Media Startup

Increased brand awareness

One of the previous accomplishments was preparing a social media strategy for an online media startup.

As you can see on the picture to the right (below on mobile), the average reach for photo post was over 21 000 people and the average engagement was over 1 300.

average reach
increased reach by 1500%

Wait what?! As you might have already noticed, the numbers are totally different than the average ones. Do you know why?

Because we have simply prepared a strategy for the company’s audience and adapted to their needs.

The post itself is extremely simple, but yet, has a very high value for the audience. It is also important to include an attractive or catchy headline to the post, as it will increase your chances quite hugely. 

It is important to create the right content for your audience, not just to create something and then expect it to work. 

If you are just at the very beginning, we will prepare a stable  strategy for your potential clients. 

If you already have an existing SoMe profiles, we will then prepare a throughout analysis of your content and provide you with several ways to improve your SoMe presence, with results driven approach. For the same company, we also created a new visual identity of their social media accounts. 

Promo Video For Social Media

We love creating simple, but cool, appealing and engaging social media content. A great example to showcase is a short promo video we created for a B2B SaaS company.

The goal of the video was to try something different for their audience (get their attention) and promote their Cloud Management platform.

It a very simple, yet visually appealing piece of content that will attract more people and increase your chances to be seen or heard.

We focus on creating simple, short and cool videos to implement for either your website or social media accounts. 

Logo for a Football Team

We do have experience with creating logos for companies, organizations or teams of any kind. 

Here is an example of the logo we created for a Czech football team. The name of the club is Club de Falco and the club is based in Prague.

The two pictures showcase the actual logo on a black background and the example of how the logo would look like on a person. Both pictures were included in the price package.

The reason of including the picture with a person is to showcase the team how it could look like and implement an overall better experience with a client. 

B2B SaaS Company Content Optimization

Increased organic traffic (SEO)

Another example is the content optimization we did. It was an older article (2 years old), barely getting some traffic. What we did is very simple.

We deleted two irrelevant paragraphs, added 3 new relevant paragraphs, resized pictures, and incresed both internal and external linking. The article is currently ranking on the #1 place in 4 countries with a featured snippet and brought several clients for the company.

organic traffic increse
increased traffic value

For the same company, we managed to increase the organic traffic by 140% and traffic value by 450% in 9 months. 

You can clearly see when we started optimizing their old content and created lots of highly relevant new articles. 6 months later and we can already see awesome results. (still growing)

Online streetwear store

Increased organic traffic (SEO)

One of the articles we wrote for an online streetwear store generates an impressive number of traffic, leads and brand awareness, all in less than a year.

The article is currently ranking on the fist place with a featured snippet of 25 keywords and still growing. 

increased organic traffic

On top of all things, we are also able to take professional product photos. No matter what kind of product you sell, we can take pictures and prepare them for your audience to be seen = increase your revenue. We can also support you with company photos, such as your building, office, team members and more. 

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